Community Development Grants Manager

Buncombe County

Asheville, NC United States

Purpose of the position:  

The primary purpose of this position is to provide project management and administrative support to grant initiative(s) and programs to ensure outcomes and compliance with funding requirements, state/federal standards, and Agency standards and goals.


Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience (required at time of hire): 

Bachelor’s degree in a related field and at least three (3) years of experience in program area and/or planning project implementation and coordination; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Essential Functions of the position:

  • Execute program activities and conduct planning studies in affordable housing and community development specialties.

  • Conduct site visits of funding recipients and document adherence to program requirements

  • Assist in the monitoring of funding recipients' expenditures and processing reimbursement requests based on those expenditures.

  • Assist in the monitoring of affordable housing funded projects through the period of affordability.

  • Serve as staff liaison to the Affordable Housing Committee

  • Provide support in the planning, development, and implementation of grant objectives and the evaluation of projects, initiatives, and programs to include the collection and monitoring of performance measures. 

  • May lead community engagement and outreach strategies to include collecting and gathering community feedback and disseminating information on the systems and programs.

  • Serve as a primary contact and manage communication with the grant funder regarding programmatic and fiscal reporting, training, and technical assistance.

  • Provide logistical and staff support to grant initiatives, projects, and programs to include a combination of grant management, contract management, and program quality assurance and compliance. 

  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships in a variety of settings, working with all levels of the program’s stakeholders, county and partner leadership in order to guide group efforts an efficient and effective system.

  • Administer grant and contract preparation and submission among requesting County departments and ensure compliance.

  • Assist with budget development and monitoring, as well as fiscal and outcomes/performance management for system priorities, programs and services. 

  • May develop & format publications and materials about grant strategies and initiatives, including information for public facing website.

  • Collect and analyze data/information relevant to the program and/or grant, prepare documents and reports for specified planning and evaluation projects and present oral and written analysis of data.

  • Design, develop, and prepare documents, reports, and presentations regarding the program portfolio to a variety of audiences.

  • Establish and monitor practice/operational standards in accordance with funding requirements, state/federal standards, and Agency standards and goals. 

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:


  • Knowledge of housing planning and community development specializations.

  • Knowledge of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) grants, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and other state and federal housing and community development programs.

  • Knowledge of the general principles of financial management and generally accepted accounting principles and/or grants administration practices

  • Knowledge of grant writing, acquisition, and management.

  • Knowledge of current federal, state and local government grant programs

  • Knowledge of technical and administrative rules and regulations in the subject area

  • Communication skills to relay industry information regarding current issues and to present findings in such situations

  • Ability to prepare written findings and present recommendations supported by facts and to prepare and analyze financial information involving existing issues pertaining to the subject area and to present it in oral and/or written form.

  • Basic problem-solving skills to interpret compliance and report findings to management

  • Project management skills to work as a team to develop new processes and procedures based upon changes in laws and regulations or industry practice

  • Ability to provide appropriate documentation to support conclusions

  • Ability to organize and format reports to comply with applicable guidelines

  • Ability to review and document compliance with laws and regulations 

Experience Level
Mid I (1-4 years)
AICP Level
Salary Range
$48,858.08 - $64,736.95