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New Guidebook Available

New Guidebook Available for Preparing Impactful Plans on a Budget

PlanNC Guidebook 3

Are you working to comply with the planning requirements of Chapter 160D? Are you interested in preparing an impactful community plan on a budget? Then you may be interested in a new resource from the UNC School of Government titled the PlanNC Guidebook: A Practitioner's Guide to Preparing Streamlined Community Plans. Developed especially to help smaller and lower-resourced communities in North Carolina comply with the planning requirements of Chapter 160D, the guidebook has broad applicability to any community that is trying to prepare a plan with limited resources. 

The document presents a seven-step planning process, illustrates it with local examples, and provides sample worksheets for key tasks to help service providers deliver community plans more efficiently and effectively. A nice feature is that users can obtain "fillable" versions of all the worksheets and templates for use in their own planning projects, and also access videos that explain each of the seven steps. Built around a proven methodology and filled with practical tips, the Guidebook and associated materials will help anyone looking to deliver impactful community plans on a budget. 

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