NC Planning Assistance Teams (NCPAT)


Deadline Approaching for NC Communities to Meet New State Requirements (Chapter 160D) on Updated Comprehensive Plans 

In 2019, the NC General Assembly, passed a major overhaul of the state’s planning and development regulations, referred to as NC General Statutes Chapter 160D. These new regulations included requirements for all NC communities to have development ordinances updated (160D, Part I) to include new language, organization and some planning provisions. The deadline for these ordinance changes is July, 2021. Many NC communities have now completed these changes or have ordinance amendments in process. 

In addition, the 160D regulations also require communities with development ordinances to either update or prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for that community (160D, Part II) no later than July, 2022. Many NC communities have not yet yet begun or completed these required changes at this time. 

Assistance is Now Available Upon Request from NC Communities. For more information click on the link below.

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Volunteer Planners are Now Being Actively Recruited, with Free Special 160D Training Provided to Help Communities Requesting Assistance. For more information click on the link below.

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