The 2021-2022 APA-NC Chapter Executive Committee took office on January 1, 2021. The Executive Committee includes members of our organization that were voted in through a state-wide election. 

APA-NC also appoints Committee Chairs and other members to serve volunteer roles that oversee numerous committees and initiatives.


Chapter President

Hanna Cockburn

Past Chapter President

Ben Howell

Vice President for Chapter Development

Cindy Camacho

Vice President for Professional Development

Katherine Godwin

Chapter Treasurer

Roger Bardsley

Chapter Secretary

Shelley DeHart


Affordable Housing Task Force

Jessica Hill

Leigh Anne King

Awards Committee

Bynum Walter

Elizabeth Jernigan

Carolina Planning Journal

Will Curran-Groome

Communications Committee

Paul Black, Co-Chair

Jennifer Ganser, Co-Chair

Diversity & Equity Committee

Brendie Vega, Co-Chair

Eliza Monroe, Co-Chair

Education and Outreach Committee

Charles Dillard, Co-Chair

John Anagnost, Co-Chair

GIS NC Local Government Committee/APA-NC Rep.

Alice Wilson

Legislative Committee

Chad Meadows, Chair

Michael Zehner, Vice-Chair

Plan for Health Initiative

John Morck

Planning Assistance Team (PAT)

Lauren Blackburn

Dick Hails

Resiliency Committee 

Tim Jones, Chair

School of Government, UNC-Chapel Hill

Jim Joyce

Adam Lovelady

Sections Committee

Joe Heard, Chair

Student Representative

Austin Amandolia

Young Planners Group

Desmond Corley

Kari Grace


Appalachian State

Richard Crepeau

University of North Carolina

Noreen McDonald


APA-NC Administrator & Conference Event Manager

Kara Louise