AICP Exam Application and Information

To become a certified planner, entitled to use the AICP designation, American Planning Association (APA) members must meet certain education and experience requirements and pass a written examination. The AICP Certification Exam is given twice each year, in May and November. The first step is to complete and submit an application and the exam fee by a specified deadline (typically 5 to 6 months in advance of the testing window). Once your application is accepted, you may register to take the exam. Information about the AICP process can be found at

Preparing for the AICP Exam

by Katherine Godwin, AICP, APA-NC Vice President for Professional Development

At the 2022 North Carolina Planning Conference, Katherine Godwin, presented at the annual AICP Exam Information Session. Below is a copy of the information she shared in her PowerPoint.

Preparing for the AICP Exam

AICP Exam Scholarships

AICP provides two reduced exam fee scholarships through the APA North Carolina Chapter to those North Carolina Chapter members facing financial hardships who wish to become AICP members. This program offers assistance to those individuals who may defer taking or are unable to take the AICP exam because of the high cost. The scholarship selection criteria established by AICP states:

  • Members of ethnic or racial minorities shall be given preference.
  • The applicant(s) selected will be otherwise unlikely to take the exam without the reduced fee.
  • The applicant's employer will not subsidize the exam fee.

North Carolina Chapter members interested in applying for a scholarship should contact the APA North Carolina Professional Development Officer, Katherine Godwin.