AICP Exam Application and Information

One Path to AICP

To become a certified planner, entitled to use the AICP designation, American Planning Association (APA) members must meet certain criteria. Information about the AICP process can be found at

Preparing for the AICP Exam

APA offers a wealth of exam prep resources. Review the content outline, watch some training videos, explore other chapters' exam prep materials, and much more. And don't forget to contact our chapter's Professional Development Officer Ben Howell, for additional information.

At the 2023 North Carolina Planning Conference, past PDO Katherine Godwin, presented at the annual AICP Exam Information Session. Below is a copy of the information she shared in her PowerPoint.

Preparing for the AICP Exam

AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship

Each exam cycle, APA offers scholarships to APA members who are interested in taking the AICP exam or who are interested in submitting their experience assessment. Please visit the AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship webpage for more information.