Legislative Committee Strategic Plan

Legislative Committee Strategic Plan (2023)


The APA-NC Legislative Committee collected input at the fall 2023 APA-NC conference regarding adjustments to its 2020 Strategic Plan. Thank you to all the folks who have provided input and suggestions! The Committee has updated the Plan for 2023/2024 with a new set of tasks and a work program focused on more detailed reporting and a new process for interfacing with the APA-NC Executive Committee as a part of advocacy activity. The 2024 Legislative Session will get underway starting on January 17th and the Legislative Committee will be starting our twice-monthly calls shortly thereafter. As always, details about monthly calls will be posted on the Planners Listserv.

The plan identifies a vison statement for the Legislative Committee, its goals and objectives, and the actions to be undertaken by the Committee in pursuit of those goals.  Emphasis is placed on building positive relationships with legislators, advocating for beneficial legislation with our partners, helping members of the public recognize the value of planning, and assisting local governments in adapting to changing legislation.

Please take a few moments to examine the plan.  Please contact us if you have questions or would like to get more involved with the Committee’s efforts. Thanks to all who helped in the development of the plan!